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Bumbung Whiskey

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Bumbung Whiskey

Arak is a distilled alcoholic drink made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers or we called "Tuak kelapa". Coconut palm tree tuak is the main ingredient in making Arak Bali.Coconut palm tuak is then stored in a large container for four to five days.

After that, the tuak will taste sour and content alcohol 10% to 20%. Generally, the distilling process is carried out by women, while men are going to extract tuak from the coconut tree. The distillation process begins to get a delicate aroma and taste.

Alcohol content up to 40%. Arak Bumbung processed through a single distillery and ends up being aged for 2 months involving American white oak in the process.

Testing Notes

It has flavor of woodiness with vanilla and caramel smells, where coconut, chocolate, and spicy in the palate as well as medium after taste.

Fermented of coconut sap, single distillation, involving american white oak, 80% toast and 20% untoast, ABV 34,5%, 750ml.


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